Voice of the users

Last updated Aug. 28, 2010

Voice of the users


PUNIAS is the ONLY way to process a high number of force-indentation data in an acceptable time. The linear implementation of the Hertz Model is extremely beneficial, because fitting a line by eye is much easier than fitting a curve. Additionally, defining the contact point is not anymore needed in this implementation. A crucial feature is the fast response time of the software developer. New ideas are implemented real fast and also fruitfull discussions with the software developer improved not only PUNIAS but also my experimental designs and data interpretation. Taken together, a must have software for all who work in the field of nano-indentations.

Dr. Hermann Schillers - Institute of Physiology II - Münster - Germany


PUNIAS is ideal for scientists who are unable or don't want to be bothered with creating their own force curve analysis routine. Since such a software is usually not provided by the AFM producers PUNIAS fills in an important gap. I have used PUNIAS since two years and I am very happy with the software as well as the customer support.

Dr. Armin Kramer - London Centre for Nanotechnology - London - UK